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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Last shots in Benin...

Shall I come back one day ?

12:15 approaching the borderline...

How much time will it take to cross the border ?

Last time we crossed it we just lost half an hour.
It's nothing !
but you'd better hide your camera !
they don't like cameras those guys..

12:16 we're leaving Benin, getting near the borderline now...
We'll be in Lagos in a few hours.
Too bad because tomorrow I'll fly back to Paris.

One more Peugeot byke, the most popular in Benin.

Back to Naija, Lagos, Vic Island...

See all those yellow bush taxis...

A bush taxis parking lot near Lagos

You really expose yourself to robber attacks when travelling this way,
but there's no choice for ordinary people, and no police protection...

Here we are in Victoria Island, Lagos !

And that's the end folks.
No more goslows, no more sandy harmattan sky...

Tomorrow night, last ride in Lagos,
toward Murtala Muhammed airport.

Friday, 30 March 2007

Ready to escort me at the Lagos airport...

Gosh, I loved this Toyota car and its MoPol boys,
it was a cool travelling for sure.

Ultima Cena in Lagos !

Last but not least nigerian memory... an austrian soup ! yes.

Thanks Thomas for this "ultima cena"
Thanks Fidelius for your daily cooking.

Blow up !
This is an impressive effect we aren't used to in our latitudes...
warm and dump outside (where I was) and the aircon inside.

I want to be back, one day.

I'm leaving Africa and I hate this !
But I listen to music in my head..

Munich, 1983 - Fela and Jethro.

Army Arrangement

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Army Arrangement
(Da66y) 5:13
In this music video, Afrobeat King and political rebel Fela Kuti performs "Army Arrangement" in London and in Lagos' Shrine club. His performance is thematically intercut with images from Lagos, including military occupation and police beating. It ends with news of Fela's unjust arrest in 1984. Fela died in 1997.

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