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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Trekking to the cataract.

Two hiking trails are proposed to visitors...
the 3 hours' to the cataract (4 for G@tto) and a 6 hours' to a waterfall.
I refused to see the waterfall !

See the mountain in front of our (white T-shirt) guide ?
We had to go up... and down !

The ranch cattle.

We passed al least three mountains before we can see the cataract down there...

Sometimes water is the absolute source of happiness !

After one hour of happy pawns in fresh water,
here we are again ! Up and down...

(My personal guardian angel)

Enlarge this pic and you will see G@tto in the distance,
in his painful way back, escorted by one of the kids...

Happily it was a regular trekking !
With some killers on his heels,
no doubt he would have been the easiest prey.

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