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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Paris > Lagos... holy c@tness !

Lagos from the sky... an impressive view for newbees in Africa...

Hope somebody's there, waiting for G@tto...

Once for all : there are some places in Nigeria
where you can't shoot, such as airports (cough cough), borderlines,
immediate vicinity with police officers or armed people and so on...
Oh, s... !

On the company's escorted van from Murtala Muhammed
Lagos airport to my friends' house in Victoria Island.
Tomorrow will be a new day !

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lagos house in Vic Island

As a strategic base for a first sojourn in Africa sure you can find worse !

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gatto discovers Yaba Market !

I wake up and I'm in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa.
is it a joke, a fantasy ?

Riding through Victoria Island... then Lagos Island...

enjoying the view of the Third Mainland Bridge (1990)...

the longest bridge in Africa,
connecting Lagos Island
to the mainland.

Chaotic traffic and go slow let you buy anything you need
on your way... the offer never fails.

Eco Bridge and Western Ave, here is it Surulere,
on Lagos mainland.

First floor, the fabric dept. in Yaba market...

Downstairs, all goodies !

At Lizzy's - Shop 380 B...

and Lizzy's kitchen wares and smile !

and a few steps farer...

finally a place to have a drink... a Maltina of course !

* * *

Monday, 15 December 2008

Surulere Market on Gbaja Street...

Back to the car, at 3:29 pm, I wonder how much time
will it take, all along Gbaja Street and then until Victoria Island
in this unbelievable lagosian slow down.

Oh, I'm not in a hurry, this is my first full immersion
in a big African town and I'm totally under the spell !

(Learn something on urban slums here).

We are in Vic Island, buying some veggies and fruits...
It is 4:24pm by my watch !

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