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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Trekking to the cataract.

Two hiking trails are proposed to visitors...
the 3 hours' to the cataract (4 for G@tto) and a 6 hours' to a waterfall.
I refused to see the waterfall !

See the mountain in front of our (white T-shirt) guide ?
We had to go up... and down !

The ranch cattle.

We passed al least three mountains before we can see the cataract down there...

Sometimes water is the absolute source of happiness !

After one hour of happy pawns in fresh water,
here we are again ! Up and down...

(My personal guardian angel)

Enlarge this pic and you will see G@tto in the distance,
in his painful way back, escorted by one of the kids...

Happily it was a regular trekking !
With some killers on his heels,
no doubt he would have been the easiest prey.


nazzareno said...

Beau tout le blog et cette série de déclenchements en particulier. Merci du passage sur le blog.

bonoriau said...

Thanks for dropping by and leave comment at bonoriau. I love to travel and explore this great world. Hope one day I will visit this great place in your great photo.


These pics are amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing. How are you?

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

Hi Sol !!!

kbguy said...

We only get to see such a scenery in the movie or documentary. That was marvelous. Thanks for sharing.

From Malaysia

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