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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Discovering Watt market, in Calabar

Little catering this morning ?

Woah, feeling vegetarian today...
(must be antelope meat)

Well, not exactly ready to cook...

Some grasscutter ? can't eat this if you already saw one alive, too cute
(but I didn't when I taste them - it was good!)
This highly priced bush meat is considered as a delicacy.

Ok, today it will be macrobiotic diet !

Yam is as common in Nigeria as potato in Europe
His nigerian name is adamwanga, which means Adamo's food,
but not the Adam you think

Periwinkle (thanks to Sol) is how these small marine snails are called.
They seem to be the local most common winkles



I think the name you are asking for is 'periwinkle'.

Its a shell fish or creature that is eaten in abundance in south eastern Nigeria.

Hope that helps.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

Thanks Sol, I secretely counted on you !
I saw a lot of them in Benin coast too.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing a place and people I may not otherwise have seen. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the photographs of the colourful. But I must say, the slaughtered meat photo was scary...err..I think I'll go vegetarian after looking at the meat..hahhha. Thanks for the drop!

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