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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

More cable car pics from lost videos...

Alas ! no more Nigeria (and Benin) videos to share !
(Yep, I've lost all of them, by a fatal mistake, when installing an external HD).

Arrival at the low station, downhill.

Leaving the low station on return ride...

... and back to the Cattle Ranch high station.

Enjoy it alone, avoiding any friends' bla bla...
just watch at the sky, the mountains, the trees, the moss...
the cable's rumbling and your shoes' noise on the floor as you turn around
will be part of this 11 km/15 minutes' trip in your memories.

The Obudu cable car is a ropeway technology by the austrian Doppelmayr CC GmbH.
It opened in 2005. We all hope Ponet Nigeria Ltd will keep it safe !
Anyway, it's worth a ride.

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