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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Arrival at Obudu Cattle Ranch...

The Ranch is located on the Oshie Ridge Plateau of the Sankwala mountains,
approximately 65 kms from Obudu town in the north eastern region of Cross River State.
The Obudu plateau was initially explored in 1949 by McCaughley,
a Scottish rancher who come back here with Hugh Jones, a fellow rancher
and, late in 1951, together with Dr Cranfield, they developed the ranch

The best map of Obudu hills I could find on the net is this one
from GoogleMaps.

You won't regret your stay here - enjoying mountain trekking, canopy walkways,
horseback rides, golf, squash and tennis facilities, swimming in downhill water park
and cable car ride for the view on mountain range.

The Protea Hotel Ranch Resort's Staff...
(in december 2006).

The lounge bar entrance... there is a fireplace in there,
a very comfortable spot when you check your mail on a chilly eve...

The last leopard shot around the mountains rests now on the mantelpiece
so you won't forget you are in Africa !

The restaurant - open for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

My room was in one of those 76 stonewalled chalets...

... and what you think I've found in my bedside table's drawer ?

First night at the Ranch...

... with drums and beer around a log fire !

... I've found a Gideons Bible !

Found a new place for people interested on Obudu vacation,
with pics, videos and updated fares for any accomodation...

(click image to read).


Morten Pedersen said...

It seems like a nice place.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

Morten, IT IS !

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that Leopard pelt. That is awesome.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

I'm sure the alive version was even better !

onno david said...

Wow.. whate a nice place. I love leopard and log fire that is amazing.

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