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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Port Harcourt/Obudu 8-hour's Road Trip...

Left Port Harcourt at 7 am - destination the Sankwala mountains.

The Mopol is escorting us, a Toyota ahead and another following us.

Early in the morning, due to the harmattan sky (and the car's speed)
everything looks blurred...

This road monster needed oil as well, but Francis (Mopol team) didn't care,
he just took advantage of its shadow.

Last stop at an oil pump...

... in a little stall, drinking Maltina while looking at these guys and their bykes.

... and later, here we are at the foot of Obudu mountains...

... the road is safe now, the Mopol team returns to Port Harcourt.

The road through the mountains' range
is as fascinating as a sleeping snake.

First view on the plateau.
Starring in the distance : the cable car !


Anonymous said...

Wow, all that dust, I wouldn't be able to breathe for a month after that. Beautiful area though very dry looking.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

No dust, just harmattan visual effect.

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